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"Tutti Frutti" it's a beautiful variety of dresses and long skirts combined with blouses or crop top loops.a full arrangement of fabrics printed with papayas, bananas, oranges and pineapples
Shortly before the presentation of the German Film Award 2018, actress Lea van Acken and her stylist Leandra Bendorf teamed up with eBay to put together a special outfit for the after-show party.
These portraits show strong personalities, transgender, intersexual, bisexual, homosexual, as well as heterosexual people, who live their identity apart from their sexual orientation.
To find that one best Bartender duo we hadthe hard job to try over 20 signature cocktails placed together by the best Bartenders of Europe... I still carry all the aromas with me.
“Anyway Artsy”, was the Motto for last night Secret Art Garden event organized by Bombay Sapphire with the Berlin based Online Art Store Juniqe, in which I was invited to shot the night.
Take a trip to this antique and imperial but modern city and enjoy it's Christmas Market in one Day with these handy traveling tips.

As I passed through the doors of the Hyatt hotel, my hands were sweating. It was my first time ever to be part of Berlinale and I was minutes away to photograph one of my film icons: Wes Anderson.
Let's discover, explore and photograph Berlin's Architectural Gems on Bike while you learn pro tips for your camera and architectural composition tips !
The Horizon Panorama Camera by Zenit for Lomography, is a 120ยบ full frame adventure. Join me on a journey trough Paris with the Horizon Perfekt on its 50th anniversary and learn some tips!
One word is not enough to describe ‘Aequorea’ the new collection of Valentina Kova. Her designs are eclectic yet elegant, modern and youthful.
Join me on a photographic trip around New York City, and take a look at my favorite spots to shoot. I'll show you what to do and where to go in the Big Apple.
Whenever I travel I always take the camera every other night to do some long exposure photos, in the last years I have collected a quite big amount of them around the world.
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Backstage at the show of the Romanina Iona Ciolacu's new collection. Drawing its inspiration from the personal style and work of the iconic, yet uncelebrated women of Bauhaus.
Join Me on a Walk Adventure Learning Dusk Photography Around Berlin. You will learn how to take dusk and nocturne photos and get pro tips for your camera and your composition game!
I have put together a list of the best 10 places and architectural gems to see on your next bike trip around Berlin, a must seen for architecure lovers and photographers.
Paris is one of the most photographed city in the world, let me take you to my fvorite shooting spots in the city of lights where I'll show you what to do and where to go!
Photographing the craziest beards and moustaches in the country at the 5th NYC Beard & Moustache Competition, organized by The Gotham City Beards Club