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Take a trip to this antique and imperial but modern beautiful city and enjoy it's Christmas Market in one Day with these handy traveling tips.

Nürnberg is known worldwide for its unpopular, big Nazi Rally and the Nürnberg trials. But what many people don’t know is that 500 years ago, Nürnberg was one of the most important cites of Europe due to its location on key trade paths. Its walls hide 1,000 years of history, beautiful architecture and sightseeing spots, tasty local food, and a really busy and fun night life, among them the biggest Christams Market of Europe.

How to get there:

The city is located in the state of Bavaria (it is the second biggest city after Munich). You can fly there from any big city in Germany (one hour flight from Berlin) or take a bus (six hours from Berlin). Once there, it will be easy to locate the old city. Its public transportation makes it easy to move around and explore. Take the subway and get off at Lorenzkirche station; at that point, you will be in the middle of the old city.

Where to Start?

Nürnberg’s historical city ends (or begins) at the castle. The whole city is dominated by the huge and impressive castle Kaiserburg, which was the former house of many emperors and princes. The castle is the center of the old city and it is surrounded by mythical buildings and monuments. History tells us that around the year 1140, Emperor Conrad III started the construction of this mighty fortress (the old city is guarded by brick walls and huge watchtowers) and it continued growing and expanding until the 17th century.

The Christmas Market

As one of the great trade centers from Italy to Northern Europe hundreds of years ago, Nürnberg used to host imperial kings and courts, artisans, religious authorities, farmers, and travelers. All of them used to meet in the central market, where business and trade was common. Walk down from the ImperialCastle to the Hauptmarkt (Market Square) and feel like a king among the locals. With more than a houndred of local and International vendors you will find flowers, apparel fresh food and candies, as well as the traditional handmade Christmas gifts, all are a historical part of this large market. Throw a coin at the Schöner Brunnen (Beautiful Fountain), with its golden ring, and make your dreams come true. Finally, pay a visit to the Frauenkirche (Church of our Lady). This beautiful and huge, brick Gothic church is only one of the many churches you will find in the old city.

Night Life

Let’s leave history aside and get down to business. Nürnberg is full of young people who found an escape there from the busy and expensive life in Munich. Regardless if they are there to study or for work, or if they are just locals, they know how to have a great time. The old city night life is really interesting and busy. Take a walk around Nürnberg’s streets and bridges, the Weißgerbergasse (The Tanners’ Lane, a street of old artisan and colorful houses) is full of modern art galleries and design stores along with small bars and coffee places that will make you want to hop from bar to bar drinking local beer and warm spicy wine.

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