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From the Big Apple


I lived and worked in New York City for almost 4 years. I moved from Miami on a dark November Night, after the infamous Hurricane Sandy afected the city in many ways, so my first impression from the city and one that will stay in my head forever is that of a cold, big city, that immersed under water and snow received me with open arms.

Since the first month I knew my faith in the Big Apple was to be a photographer, the brigt lights, the big buildings, the architecture inspired me to go out to shot my every day camera every day; like a drug addict taht needs his drug all of the time, I needed to be out there, shooting.

My first and only job in NYC was this then, to shot. I enrolled with the Lomography Company (the Austrian analoge camera maker) as marketing manager for the North America Market where I felt safe among cameras and film, shooting all kind of different lenses, camera bodies, films.. etc.

So with out further introduction here they are, some of my feavourite photos spots I use to hang during those 4 years, working and living in the city that never sleeps.


New York most tourist and famous place to shoot. If you are looking for weird people, tourist, lights, traffic, food, party... I mean, almost everything you want for a typical and fun NYC shooting you will find it here.


If what you are looking for is to shoot the skyline of New York, waht best palce on eart than this. Instead the famous Empire Building, from here you can actually see 360º as you are basically in front of Central Park.


Here you will find the best spot to catch a sunset on the other side of the river with the skyline of Manhattan on the background. Here you will also find the famous Pepsi-Cola Sign and a local vibrant community.


Gay Street is basically all the good things the Wrengwich Village have to offer, a coffe, a restaurant, a jazz place, beautifull town houses and gender diversit


On the East Side of the West Village it's located one of the most famous fashion and shopping streets of the world. On Soho St. you can find all the fashionistas, the cool guys and gal's on town a perfect spot for every street photographer.


Once a train rail today the Highline is basically a must-do when you visit NYC, here you can walk over the West Village and catch the best views of the hood and the Hudson River.


There's nothing like a roll around Midtown, the amazing tall skycrappers mixing with millions of people in one of the most vibrant and incredible cities of the world. However when you walk by 39Th. St. on direction to the West Side, you can catch the best views of the Empire State Building.


For me a photo journey of NYC is not complete without the view of Manhattan and Brooklyn from the Staten Island Ferry. Take the ferry on Wall St. and take a free ride trough the bay of NYC, catch the beautiful lights of the city from the water and take a frontal photo of the Liberty Tower.

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