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One of the things I like the most about cameras, is the option to capture long exposures, I love to shoot at night, get a tripod, get out on a late dark winter afternoon or on a short summer one, shoot around and end up with a bunch of beautiful long exposures. So here are some of my latest ong exposures.

This are photos of my trips around Europe, USA and Colombia. When I travel I always take the camera every other night to do some long exposures, I try to locate famous landmarks as subjects, or highways. I sit during some hours every night infront of the camera, and using a small tripod I manage to make long exposure photos. This also worked very well while capturing sunsets.

For those wondering about the settings on the camera, most of the times I set the aperture on the smallest one, just to get a better depth of field, and set the shutter of the camera for around 5 to 10 seconds. For the focus, I set the meter on the infinite setting, or in a wide one (3-4meters) when I want to have closer objects in sharp focus.

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