Workshop, Blue Hour Photography
Join Me on a Walk Adventure Learning Dusk Photography Around Berlin.

Let's discover Berlin at dusk while you learn how to take night photos and get pro tips for your camera!


The blue hour (from French l'heure bleue) is the period of twilight late in the dusk each evening, when the Sun is at a significant depth below the horizon and when the residual, indirect sunlight takes on a predominantly blue shade. This light is perfect for cinematographic kind of shots.


Either you have some experince shooting or this is your first time with a professional camera, this workshops will help you to increase your tool knowledge as well as your composition game.

Have you ever wanted to create beautiful night photos but it was completely dark when you found the right spot and subject? I will help you to understand how to take photos at dusk and at night, and create amazing shoots using artifcial urban light.

Learn how to use your camera to paint with light and create beautiful and haunting images, capturing the Berlin trains running through the sunset before we hit the streets together to test out our new light painting skills in the Berlin urban wilderness.

The workshops can be teached in English or Spanish.


Develop your photography privately with my hands-on workshop while you discover Berlin. I'm a professional photographer with more than 10 years of experince, I live and work in Berlin and I have created a series of workshops for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels while visiting the best spots in the city to shoot.

Using the most iconic parts of Berlin as a canvas, I will teach you the ins and outs of light-painting using a camera’s bulb and shutter settings to create powerful long exposure shots.


This workshops are created for individual teaching but they also work well for small groups or families.

We will start at the old Berlin's Railway Yard where we will have an intro into night techniques, you'll learn to have more control over your camera and to shoot at dusk and night.

From here we'll walk to the Berlin Wall East Gallery where we stop to make photos of the sunset over the river. The best part will come when we cross the Oberbaum bridge and dive into the kreuzberg area. I'll show you some of Berlin best kept secrets while we capture the experience and stop for a beer to check your advances.

After this we will take a train to AlexanderPlatz and the oldest center of the city, here we'll take nocturnal photos of the center and visit the oldest bar in town where we will share each other photos and will try some typical food.


The night will be long and may be cold so we will stop in different but unique places to get some rest and check your advances, you can pick between beer or coffee.

Please bring your own camera and tripod. It doesn't matter if your camera it's digital or analoge. Just be sure to get a camera with a "bulb" option for long exposures. It's better if you bring your own tripod, if you don't have a tripod I can supply you with a small one. Bring some light but warm clothes and comfortable shoes for long walks.


The workshops are designed for one or two days, depending on how deep is your desire to learn. We will meet at 19:00 and we will work until around 22:00. You will receive continuous advice to improve every picture as we will revue the whole process while we work.

Price: 75€ (1 Drink included)

Just send me an e-mail with your preferences and we can coordinate the workshop together. :


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Let's discover, explore and photograph Berlin's Architectural Gems on Bike while you learn pro tips for your camera!

Whenever I travel I always take the camera out every other night to do some long exposure photos, in the last years I have collected a quite big amount of them around the world.



Photographing the craziest beards and moustaches in the country at the 5th NYC Beard & Moustache Competition, organized by The Gotham City Beards Club